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BCR diversifica oferta pentru microintreprinderi si PFA

Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) a anuntat punerea la dispozitia clientilor sai microintreprinderi sau Persoane Fizice Autorizate a unor noi functionalitati prin intermediul Serviciului de efectuare operatiuni prin Canale Alternative BCR - Alo 24 Banking BCR si Click 24 Banking BCR.

Business Arena Magazine is proud to announce the 15th edition of its annual event dedicated to the leaders in the financial market: Financial Leaders’ Hall of Fame 2015!
Some 250 persons from the financial and baking sectors, directors of investment funds and representatives of some of the largest companies in Romania, together with representatives of the local authorities, high government officials and diplomats will take part in this exclusive event.
Business Arena Magazine is proud to recognize the achievements and successes of banks, financial institutions and business leaders that have found the winning strategies in spite of the challenging economic backdrop.